Adult Pet Wellness

Pets receive adult pet care at Galveston Veterinary Clinic

We provide diagnostic and wellness services for your adult pet including but not limited to: blood analysis, fecal testing, and vaccination if necessary. Your personal yearly check up at your doctor is likely to include these procedures, and so should your pet's yearly exam. Pets age faster than we do, and as a result, health problems can progress much more rapidly. Every year we detect many disease processes in apparently 'normal' adult animals. This early detection helps us address problems before they become serious issues. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatments can result in your companion living a longer healthier life.

Diet and nutrition are also important to maintaining your pet's health. Feeding your pet a specially formulated diet to meet the needs of adulthood helps encourage a long and healthy life. Please feel free to consult your veterinarian to help you find the right food to fit with your pet's lifestyle, body condition and health needs.